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Our mission is to empower business owners and those who have the ambition to open their own businesses with the internet marketing education, tools, and advertising strategies that will allow them to acquire customers, create strong long-lasting business relationships with them, make more sales, and increase revenues.

Our vision is to help business owners become more successful, expand to other business niches, and consequently create more jobs.  We provide a solid platform, where people all over the world would find business building opportunities, marketing information, technical “How to” information, and opportunities to exchange business tips or answer each other questions.


Blog Profile Picture 9a                 About Germaine Kapena

Germaine Kapena is an entrepreneur who is specialized in eCommerce, business blogging, internet marketing, and tutorial writing in Business and Information Technology fields.  She holds two Master’s degrees in Business Administration (MBA) and in Information Technology Management from Franklin Pierce University, which is located within the State of New Hampshire in the United States of America.

She previously completed a double bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and French majors from the University of Southern Maine in USA, where she graduated with honors.  Given her advanced education in several lines of business, she has a passion for learning new business techniques and passing on this knowledge to others through business tutorial writing.

In the past, Germaine had held many different jobs in private or in public sector.  Being highly educated in various fields of studies made her feel under employed on most of the jobs she ever landed on.  Generally, with the most recent market crash, it had become common for some people with advanced education to be under employed, but Germaine Kapena did not want to be in this situation anymore.

Therefore, to free herself from being overworked and underpaid, she decided to get out of the employment system and build her own business, where she focuses on the Internet Marketing niche and tutorial blogging in Business and Information Technology.  As of now, she is not completely out to the employment system yet, but her goal is to get out of it as soon as possible. Like with any kind of business, the earlier stage in building her online marketing and blogging business was not easy until she came across with MOBE and became a MOBE Platinum Mastermind Member.

In fact, MOBE stands for “My Online Business Education.”  It is a successful business education and Internet Marketing Company.  It provides its members with insiders’ marketing education, a variety of educational products, and it hosts business related events and training sessions that allow them to become successful at starting and growing their own businesses.  MOBE has a unique business model and a selling system that has been proven to work.  It actually enables its members to leverage the same business model and selling system in order to effectively help them reach their financial goals and their desired life styles.

Additionally, this company motivates its members to reinvest their profits back into their MOBE business and scale up.  It also encourages them to expand by investing any cash surplus in stock market, Real Estate, or any other niches that allow them to save money and grow in business world.  Hence, MOBE has many different levels of membership packages and learning programs that go from affiliate program, MOBE License Right (MLR), Silver, Gold, Titanium, Platinum, and Diamond membership.

Germaine Kapena went from being a MOBE Affiliate marketer to becoming a Platinum Mastermind member.  As a Platinum member, she had a chance to learn from MOBE’s most successful one-on-one trainers in online marketing business and in Internet Traffic Master Academy.  She consequently has become an expert in business related blogging, internet traffic techniques, and selling methods that helps her become a successful business owner.  Now she is dedicated to creating educational materials through blogging and to sharing her advanced knowledge with others. She really enjoys creating information products and make them available to others.

In her free time, Germaine enjoys spending time with her family and friends, doing Yoga & meditation, reading, and traveling.